Dear students, we – the staff of Computer Science at Frankfurt University – are busy preparing for the summer semester. Given the global nature of this pandemic and the fact that the virus is a new one, many uncertainties remain. What are the facts so far?

  1. As of today, we plan to start the semester by April 20th.
  2. We prepare for starting the semester and continuing in this mode (or resuming again) if necessary without presence, i.e. primarily online.
  3. We will set-up an “on-boarding” welcome package for you and will let you know about it in advance. This package will describe the steps to find and select your classrooms, courses etc.
  4. We encourage all of you to check that your email adresses work properly.
  5. We encourage all of you to have a valid moodle login using your email adresses.
  6. Ensure that you have proper IT-equipment - a working notebook and internet connection is sufficient, but video/audio capabilities (headsets) are convenient and will be necessary for some tasks
  7. The modus operandi of examination is not determined yet - rest assured that we will inform you in due time.
  8. If you are an international student you might have problems getting to Germany in time due to travel restrictions. This shall be no problem if we start the summer semester online, but get into touch with the international office and / or your head of studies for specific questions with regards to admission.
  9. As you can imagine, we are pretty busy, so please do not bother the admin staff or your head of studies with unnecessary requests.

Sources for general information are as follows: - Our Homepage - Recent News - FAQ

Stay healthy and keep the spirit in these difficult times!